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AptWind Work Package 4: Flow over complex and forested terrain   WindScanner lidar at the Lysefjord bridge

Work Package 4:
Flow over complex and forested terrain 


1) To increase the knowledge about accuracy and computational efficiency of physical and data-driven modelling approaches as well as measurement strategies for flow over complex and forested terrain with industrial applications within resource assessment, turbine control and load calculations.

2)  To create a hotbed with leading academic partners and key industrial players for cultivating transferable skills of a new industry-oriented academic generation pushing the boundaries of frontier research within the field of flow over complex and forested terrain.

DC6: To experimentally investigate the meteorological boundaries for lidar-assisted wind farm control in complex terrain and wake situations. 


DC7: To evaluate how simplifications in simulation modelling setups for atmospheric flows over complex and forested terrains affect the assessment of wind resources and wind turbine rotor loads.

DC8: To develop dimensionality reduction and machine learning techniques to couple Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models to perform site specific analysis of fatigue loads.

DC9: To validate synthetic time series for wind turbine loads estimation and to develop turbulence generators suitable for load calculations in complex, forested terrain that account for atmospheric stability.

DC10: To develop physical informed neural network models (PINNs) for performing complete simulation of flow over complex or forested terrain and to explore possibilities with data driven ML methods for probabilistic forecasting including uncertainties.

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